About Us

Founded in 1997, ProGro was established on the premise that trustworthiness, commitment and accountability are the essential building blocks to achieving personal, professional and business life success.  ProGro’s consultants have entrepreneurial backgrounds and understand the joys and hazards of owning your own company.

Dan Kohler

Dan is the Owner and President of ProGro.

Dan grew up the son of a small business owner, himself the product of generations of family businesses owned by entrepreneurial-spirited men and women. Dan uses an arsenal of techniques, experiences and organizational strategies to facilitate and train clients. Attracted by Dan’s ‘values-based’ approach, business owners and executives have sought him out to refashion, sharpen and transcend their management and leadership style. Regardless of issue or circumstance, Dan’s mission is to help ProGro’s clients capture the results that have eluded them.

Dan resides in Richmond, Virginia. He has worked as a coach, consultant and counselor since 1978.

Heather Leake

Heather is a Project Manager at ProGro.

Heather’s greatly varied career experiences have culminated in a vast skill set perfect for the wide-ranging needs of ProGro’s clients. She has been an entrepreneur, trainer, program director, and technology resource for an array of businesses, groups and individuals. Her technical savvy and administrative and logistical insight are the foundation for facilitating and training clients to become more streamlined and efficient.

Heather resides in Glen Allen, Virginia. She has been assisting entrepreneurs and executives since 1988.