Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching can be defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional skills and growth potential.

A professional coaching relationship exists when coaching includes a business agreement or contract that defines the responsibilities of each party.

Improving Your “B” Game

We focus on helping the client establish their growth goals, defining the skills needed to reach those goals, and then challenging them to develop those new skills both personally and professionally.

Coaching is not about “fixing” what’s wrong; it’s about recognizing a client’s strengths and areas for improvement.  It’s all about being on your game.

For most people, their “A” game comes around about once every two months; that day when you make all your meetings on time, you close the deals, you actually look at your to-do list and get some stuff done, and you get home in time to help with dinner for the family. The rest of the time it’s your “B” game that you’re working with.

Performance coaching is about upgrading your “B” game, closer to “A” game status. Then your A game jumps. We work to capitalize on those things where they excel and ways to develop the other.  I’m not out here trying to teach chickens to climb trees—I’m just trying to help them tap into their inner squirrel.

Flexible Interaction

Coaching can be done in diverse and flexible ways: phone, email, group, internet communication. This is why coaching can be very attractive to folks with busy schedules. A 30-min phone call or a 2 hour face to face can both be equally effective depending on the work being done with a client.

Listening is Key

Although it’s true that high achievers are the prime candidates for coaching, if someone isn’t performing, there’s typically an underlying reason—lack of motivation, lack of focus, unclear goals or objectives. Questioning and challenging an employee can be used to turn around even the poorest of performers.

Most importantly, coaching is not about telling – it’s about asking, listening, and facilitating the changing of perspectives, views, expectations, aspirations and the sense of purpose of the individual. It is about the development of action plans to train the behaviors required to bring about the attainment of the desired outcomes and consequent lifestyle.

Measurable Outcomes

Performance Coaching is easily measured when clear goals and outcomes are defined at the beginning of the coaching relationship. Some results include: promotion, increased business revenue, clarity of purpose, reduced stress, increased confidence. It’s about the goal setting process.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Enables you to constantly improve your concept of “best” and to continue to strive for it.
  • Allows you to develop, pursue and live the dreams that impassioned you.
  • Empowers you to increase your sense of ownership and to take action in your life.
  • Prepares you to transform ideas and concepts into capabilities and reality, ultimately unleashing your latent potential.
  • Can be a catalyst for new ideas and a vehicle for transformational learning, helping you become aware of your own tacit assumptions and expectations and those of others while assessing their relevance for making an interpretation.
  • Puts an end to burnout, and enables you to manage your time more effectively.
  • Enables top achievers to realize more business and personal goals than ever before.
  • People who have been through a successful coaching program thrive on change instead of merely coping with it, and can thus make better choices and decisions, both for themselves and their companies.